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Are you interested in joining and being a part of the North Wests leading London Dolls escort agency, then feel free to get in touch we would love to hear from you.

Here at London Dolls, we are proud and confident to state, we offer the best rates for our clients and through our teams research we can officially say we offer the most competitive rates for escorts. Our rates are set at the most competitive on the market purposely as we would like to invite the most supreme ladies in the business to join London Dolls.

Photographs, professional hair styling and makeup application by our MUA is all provided for by us, contrary to other agencies who charge for photographs we DO NOT.

Please note by joining the agency you are self employed and responsible for your tax and NI
You must be 18+ to join so please ensure you provide at least one form of ID to upload on images, or your application will be declined.
All information you provide will be in the strictest confidence, here at Bad Girls Manchester we pride ourselves on the ability to keep all information disclosed completely confidential.

Once you submit your details we will be in touch in due course and arrange a meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you



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