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London is the biggest economic and social hub of Europe. It experiences a large number of visitors annually for various reasons. Business, sight-seeing and study experiences are to name a few. There is a lot of chance that you might stumble upon being alone in this beautiful city. It is at this moment that you realize that the city is too beautiful to be explored alone. Plus, you might not know everything about it! That’s when escort services step out to assist you. There are a number of escort services that provide beautiful and talented escorts to accompany you during your entire stay in the city. You shall be accompanied by them everywhere they go and they might take you to such a place where you can’t go alone.


In case you are trying to visit some places with your escort, here we bring you the list of such places:


Le Boudoir


Now this club is famous for its swinging activities. It is located in London city and holds events weekly on every Friday and Saturday. But hold on, this club is a members-only club and holds various extra parties monthly. The club is inclusive of all and invites swingers from all communities like LGBT too. You might have to book for certain couple-special parties. The booking can be done on their website itself. The party area of the club is huge, and they are famous for holding live parties.

The Le Boudoir club is well-prepared for any kind of group play too.


Club Pedestal


This club is a female centric club. It is famous for holding parties in which women are dominant and are attended by men who love being exploited by women. During certain evenings, certain kinky activities are also held but mostly they master in satisfying fetish of people. They also hold swinging events.

For people who love group play or some private time, there is an arrangement of private rooms too that are equipped with BDSM and other fetish equipment. The scene is much more of a carnival type where one can find fire-eaters, burlesque dances and other kinky performances.

There are tickets for entry in every event and they vary from type to type.


Sparkle Hard


It is also one of the famous swinger’s club which provides a chance for heterosexual couples, singles to satisfy their curiosity with queer, bisexual, homosexual people. The events are preferred by gender-fluid people and the events are more about gender liberty celebrations. Therefore, there are chances that the parties can be colorful as hell.

It is advised that people should book in advance for attending any event as the rush can be high during peak times.


Club DVS


It is a fetish club that is famous for holding parties and eat-meets. It is LGBT friendly premise and welcomes any kind of fetish. The club is perfect for new ones and experienced in the field of having fun. It is a safe and secured area that is preferred for meeting, gathering and socializing by people.

One of the most important features they have is the kink lab that informs people about safe play. In Camberwell, the Flying Dutchman fetish nights are organized by them. it is a different type of entertainment and not everyone might like it.

There are monthly events at the Revolution bar on Leadenhall Street. Timings are from 1800Hrs-2300Hrs. further details can be found on their website.


Club Antichrist


It is a different type of experience. This club blends fetishes with the darkness of gothic culture. It is held 6 times during a year, and it is rendered as Europe’s largest crossover party venue.

The venues are not same all the time but currently they are at Vauxhall’s Fire club and at Electrowerkz in Islington. The timings are from 2000Hrs-1800Hrs (next day)  The tickets are not vary from 25-30 British pounds for singles and 40-50 British pounds for couples.

In other words, the parties are lit with included entertainment. Events can be attended by guests with tickets only. However, guests are requested to dress as per the occasion. You should look different from crowd and try different things like uniforms, costumes, head-gears etc. 


Rubber cult


Now as the name suggests, this club entertains rubber fetishes only. There are different events throughout year that are filled with rubber, latex and other sorts of gum. Currently they are at The Alice in Houndsditch. Timings are mostly from 2000Hrs-300Hrs. the highlight of events is the cabaret of rubber and the parties can be differently themed like medical zone, caves etc.

Ticket prices can vary from 30 British pounds.


Club Subversion


This is a perfect fetish club for you and holds parties for various communities. The club is a good 15-year-old and has a good fan following. The club has a resident DJ and maintains a good guest list. The club is an ideal place for people love their fetish with excellent music.

Therefore, those were the different places that you and your Asian escort can visit in London and have fun while you are together!

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