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Four reasons escorts are ideal for athletes

Athletes come in all different shapes and sizes. In one regard they include world-class sportsmen, whereas in another they include your average man who is just training for a 10k race. Whichever category you fall into - or if you fall right in the middle of the two - you should know that an escort can come in very handy when you are in the midst of a training regime. Here are four reasons why the company of such a sizzling hot woman could actually be just what you need to reach your peak performance level.


You really need to keep your eyes on the prize when you are training. Therefore, you can't allow a woman to come along who insists on calling the shots - specifically by saying when and where you meet up. Meanwhile, an escort fits around your schedule and won't get in the way of your strict routine.


Okay, admittedly you're unlikely to turn into a muscle-bound stud just from a few encounters with an escort. However, any bedroom action is considered a form of exercise. This means that you can at least expect to lose weight, shape up and build stamina from a saucy night in with an escort.


Everyone needs to relieve tension - but none more so than athletes. You could find that stress or anxiety are the ultimate hindrance that can prevent you from reaching your full potential in a sporting contest. Luckily, escorts know all the tricks to help relieve tension that's built up in your body.


It's said that a lack of sleep is one of the biggest components that causes athletes to fall short of their goals. This, however, needn't be an issue if you choose to spend the night before a contest with an escort rather than a standard woman. With an escort there's no need to spend hours trying to satisfy her. Instead, you can simply wave her goodbye and get some shuteye in the comfort of your own bed from the minute you've got what you wanted.

Go for gold!

Don't underestimate just how much an escort could be your secret weapon as an athlete. Therefore, it's time to get picking a hottie before your next sporting contest. Be sure to check London Dolls to find the hottest Asian escorts London has to offer.

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