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There's just something so satisfying about having an escort at the click of your fingers. The fact that they can be with you at the drop of a hat is just one of the things that make them so enticing! If you haven't considered just how great it is to have a sexy lady who's always on call, here are four benefits to think about now.


You'll never be locked into seeing an escort when you're not in the mood. Instead, you simply get to wait until you get the urge before giving one a call and saying 'right here, right now'. This makes the rendezvous all the more pleasurable when it does finally happen.


It's quite a thrill to feel in control. After all, who doesn't like to assert their power as and when they feel like it? You can show just how dominant you are by your ability to name the date and time in the blink of an eye. Once you've laid out the plans, your girl will be gagging to see you.


Your time is precious - and now you can spend time with a girl who won't demand too much of it. An escort will bend over backward to go around your timescale and won't ever cancel at the last minute. She also won't hang around if you don't want her to and instead will head off when you give her the signal that you're done.


You can see an Asian escort in London as much or a little as you desire. In fact, sometimes the fun part is knowing that they're just sat waiting for you to get in touch. It's a steamy feeling for you to know that you're always just one phone call away from having a red-hot girl rush to meet you.

You call the shots!

You're in charge and you call the shots from now on. When you do decide that the time is right, be sure to get in touch with London Dolls for the hottest selection of girls in the capital. They're just waiting for your call!

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