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Fridays and Saturdays are by far the most popular days to go out on a date. However, with an escort you can enjoy the benefits of a hot midweek rendezvous instead. If you've arranged to meet your sexy lady at some point between Monday and Thursday, it's sure to be much better than a weekend date with your average woman. Here are three great advantages that you can expect.


Your escort won't start yawning or looking at her watch when the clock strikes 9pm. After all, she'll always be happy to work around your schedule - and if need be she'll go all night long. You just can't get this kind of commitment from other women during the week. Instead, they're generally keen to call it a night at a sensible hour. Really, where's the fun in that? It's time to live a little with an escort by your side.


Everyone gets to unwind at the weekend. Unfortunately, you're most likely to succumb to stress when you're dealing with work during the week. Rather than let things bubble up while waiting for Friday to come, an escort can help relieve your stress levels during the week. This should allow you to recharge ahead of another working day. Don't worry, your chosen girl will know all the best tricks to help you relax after a hard day in the office.


London can become overrun with tourists and out-of-towners over the weekend. This usually means that all the best restaurants and fanciest hotels are booked up. On the other hand, there's much more opportunity to book these hotspots during the week. This means that you and your escort can really experience a night to remember. Just use your imagination and think of all the naughty things you two can get up to together.

Try it!

Forget waiting to take out any ol' woman at the weekend. Instead, whisk an escort out for an unforgettable midweek date. If you're looking for the sultriest Asian escorts London has to offer then check out the girls from London Dolls. The ladies are just waiting for your call!

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