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The writer of Madam Butterfly was onto something when he introduced the men of the Western world to the joys of women of Asia. Loyal and lovely, Asian girls are a secret fantasy of many men - but what's behind the fetish?

Maybe it's the forbidden fruit of the geisha, a bit of hentai, or feisty kung fu fighters, but Asian women have always had something extra to offer the discerning man. It's also an increasingly popular internet search. Last year, Pornhub's own search results showed that Asian related searches like "Japanese" and "Asian" were finally making it into the top 20 most searched terms, meaning you're in good company if your fantasy involves an Asian woman. Dark hair, a slender figure and petite features are what so many men dream of. If you're looking for an Asian escort, London Dolls can certainly make your dream a reality.

Maybe it's "yellow fever" films which have brought you to us? Pornography from Asia shows its women as being submissive and innocent, desperate for a man to take charge. Shy, girly and virginal, these uber feminine characters are exactly what so many Western men are looking for. Reduced to shy giggles at the sight of a naked man, as if they'd never seen anything like it, these are ladies in need of an education.

Of course, we can also provide you with an Asian escort who has no intention of letting you have your own way. Coming from a culture where intelligence and talent are highly prized, you won't be surprised to learn that Asian women are very open-minded in the bedroom. Confident and dominant, these exotic women know what they want, and they're driven to achieve perfection.

It runs both ways as well. Asian women are intrigued by the differences between Asian and Western men. Asian men tend to share the same slim builds and petite features which characterise Asian women. Our Asian escorts love the physical difference which our Western clients offer. Broad, hairy and well endowed, they couldn't be more different to Asian men, and our girls can't wait to see what you've got to offer.

If you're looking for Asian Escorts, London is the place to be, and London Dolls is the capital's favourite place to find beautiful Asian company. Take a look at our gallery, and allow us to match you with the best Asian Escort London has to offer.


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